Our vision is to build radiating communities with integrity, and to bring utmost value to our investment partners through real estate investments.


Our Focus

  • Acquisition​:
    Our strength is in our ability and commitment to analyze investment opportunities, and provide comprehensive, result-driven investment offerings to our investment partners.

  • Exponential Growth: 
    We  achieve and exceed projected returns on a consistent basis, while allowing  our investment partners to safely build, and continuously grow their investment portfolio.

  • Data Analytics & Reporting: 
    With frequent analysis of investments we ensure the assets perform at its utmost performance. We provide periodic updates to our investment partners maintaining complete transparency during the entire period of acquisition, investment growth, and disposition.

  • Simplicity:
    We deeply understand that life is meant to be lived. With that in mind, we work directly with our investment partners to understand what Financial Freedom means to them.

    We work with you to make your dreams a reality. 

Our Portfolio

After building a successful Single Family Residence (SFR) portfolio in the past 10 years, we are now partnering with leading Syndicators in the Residential Multifamily Market.

Below are our current partnerships.

The Enclave

Amarillo, TX

225 Units

C+ (Value Add)



Our Team

Dhruv, and Shikha are Real Estate Investors and Philanthropists at heart. With a strong background in technology and management, and partnering with the best team of Real Estate Professionals, they continue to build stronger Net Worth, and a Growth Focused Real Estate Investment portfolios for their investors. 

With a deep passion for Real Estate, and a strong vision to give back to the community, they are ramping their efforts and scaling up into Multifamily Apartments, and Commercial Real Estate. This opens the opportunity of offering higher Asset-Backed returns to the investors, and also fuels their purpose by giving back to the community.


Dhruv Anand

Hi, I'm Dhruv - a proud father of two loving daughters; a grateful husband of an amazing life partner; and a fortunate son to have two sets of parents (including my in-laws).

In all - I am a blissful soul having a great human experience. 


I live an exceptional life, and am committed to bring forth a life of excellence and fulfillment for every life that I come across.


Shikha Anand

Hi, I'm Shikha - a being of love who lives from a grateful heart and one-ness of all. Joy, Passion and Purpose drives me to live each day with the intention to bring value in all that I do.


I focus my energies in the differentiating factors, such as being inspirational, creative, curious and determined.


My purpose in life is to give, share, serve and contribute. And my business allows me to do just that.


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